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I'm Teddy, and as a new parent, I sometimes found it awkward to just be with my newborn, I felt like I should say something, impart wisdom, knowledge, something, anything, yet due to lack of sleep mainly, my mind was blank. As you might have noticed yourself, as adorable as they are, they're not quite the best dialogue partners we could ask for.I must admit the newborn stage is mind-emptying, but soon enough, toddlerhood comes along, we get more sleep and more of our neurons start to fire together again just in time for coping with toddlerhood 😅.Now, our little superheroes have extended attention spans and their sponge-like minds continue to absorb information at the highest rate up until they're about 6. As time passed and I took it upon myself to find a solution to try and keep up with my child's curiosity.That's how I came up with the idea for the children's book...

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Superhero Needs
The children's book

Now, here's a short description of the book:
"Superhero Needs - A Tale for Kids":
A Unique Blend of Adventure and Learning
Join Rollin' Randy, Flexin' Mickey, Zesty Jed, and Fuzzy Frank on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, empathy, and understanding. Each character with their unique superpower learns that their powers are at their peak when they're well-fed, well-rested, and hydrated. As they explore mountains, swim in rivers, and encounter a dragon, they learn the importance of taking care of their fundamental human needs.
Maslow's Pyramid for Kids
This captivating narrative seamlessly integrates Maslow's pyramid of human needs into the storyline. Parents and children will find natural opportunities to discuss why Randy slows down when he's hungry, or why Mickey's power wanes when he's thirsty. These scenarios open the door to talk about the importance of meeting our physical needs and respecting those of others.
Multiculturalism & Tolerance
Set against a multicultural and diverse world, our superheroes learn to respect the dragon's need for sleep, offering a subtle yet powerful lesson about respecting others' needs and differences. This story not only celebrates cultural diversity but also underlines the value of empathy in our multicultural world.
More Than a Bedtime Story
Snuggle up with your little ones for a story that is as engaging as it is educational. This book is not just a tale; it's a tool that aids parents in teaching their children crucial aspects of human needs, multiculturalism, and empathy. Leave a lasting impact and nurture a more empathetic, self-aware, and tolerant generation.

The book offers much more than meets the eye. It is designed to give way to conversations between parents/caregivers and children.When I say that a book offers more than meets the eye, I mean that it has the potential to stimulate deeper thinking and conversation beyond the surface-level story.For example, the book touches on themes or issues that are relevant to a child's life, such as friendship, family, or social justice. By reading the book together and discussing these themes, we can engage with our children in meaningful conversation and build connections and quench some of their curiosities.Additionally, the book introduces new concepts, ideas, or perspectives that children may not have encountered before. Through conversation with parents/caregivers, children can better understand and process these new ideas, expanding their understanding of the world around them.In short, the book can serve as a starting point for conversations between parents/caregivers and children, helping to deepen relationships and broaden perspectives. By reading and discussing books together, families can create a space for open communication and growth.

Unlock meaningful conversations with your child with my exclusive free guide!Enter your email below to receive '51 Conversation Starters with Your Superhero':